Old Freedom Café Beach Shack

Guests living at Hype Beach Resort on Mandrem beach need not go out for in search of delicious food. Very close to Hype Beach Resort as one proceeds to enter onto Mandrem beach, one has to pass by Old Freedom Café which is a Beach Shack and Restaurant servicing the food and beverage needs of Guests residing at Hype beach resort and tourists of Mandrem and Arambol beach. On the Old Freedom Café menu one will find cocktails, mock tails, hot beverages, Juices, Shakes and Cool drinks throughout the day& late into the night too. Old Freedom Café is open daily for Breakfast, Lunch, Munch, Brunch and Candle night Dinners too.

Sun Beds at Hype beach resort

For all of our Guests residing with us at Hype Beach Resort, the dozens of colorful Sun Beds are free to be used and engaged as per your wish. You also have access to free Internet Wi-Fi, free Books to read and extended Restaurant service of Old Freedom café on the beach of Mandrem.

Travel Related Services

Many of our Guests make Goa as their Holiday base for travelling and discovering all of South or North India. Whatever your transportation or travel needs, Hype have a travel aide at the Reception counter to take care of all of your Bus bookings, Train reservations and Flight bookings. Goa Sightseeing and Goa Tours are also organized on demand.

Hype Room Service

Within every room of Hype beach resort, you will find a Menu of Old Freedom Café. Orders are taken and served within the private comforts of your room at Hype Beach Resort itself. Relax as Room Service is provided at Hype at a small additional surcharge of 10% over the Menu price. You can order to your hearts delight from our A la Carte Menu of Old Freedom Café Restaurant. You are welcome to Wine & Dine within the comforts of your Hype beach rooms, Hype beach apartments and Hype beach huts at Mandrem – Arambol beach in North Goa.

Yoga Classes & Courses

Walk in Yoga classes and long term Yoga courses are prearranged by the Certified Yoga Teacher Miss Evgeniya Maltseva. This Russian Yoga instructoroffers both Yoga classes for single person as well as Group training in the school of Hatha Yoga. Besides her main concentration in Hatha Yoga, she also applies and practices Meditation and demonstrates individuals on the values, methods and advantages of peaceful meditation.

Also she involves students who are fascinated in learning more about Yoga Nidra. Yoga Teacher Evgeniya organises her classes in the Yoga Hall of Hype Beach Resort. Guests interested in knowing more about Hatha Yoga in Goa and Hatha Yoga classes at Mandrem and Arambol beach can contact Evgeniya on + 91 9145070857 or Email her at or you can visit her Facebook page at

Bike on Hire

With the wind in your face and the sun hitting above your head and the ground below you moving as your cruise your way discovering the hidden gems that Goa has to show to you. The best way to know about Goa is by riding two wheeler bikes. In Goa bikes on rent or bikes on hire are legal and official to be utilized by tourists for hire or rental terms. Check out at Hype, bikes from Hero Honda to a Harley Davidson, all our available at a daily rental charge.

Car on Hire

Enter Goa in your own Maruti but burn the roads of Goa by travelling in a Mercedes. Why buy one when you can rent a Mercedes for holiday travel within Goa.  All types of cars are available on daily hire basis or rental basis with or without a chauffeur (car driver) as the need may be. Hype Beach Resort assists in arranging cars on hire for guests to use.

Money Exchange

Foreign tourists residing with Hype Beach Resortneed not care on running out of Indian Currency or Indian Rupees. Hype Beach Resortmakes available Money Exchange Services to its living guests so that they do not have to take a taxi to the money exchange center just to exchange foreign currency. Frequently swapped foreign currencies at Hype Beach Resortare Dollars, Pounds, Rouble, Francs, etc.

Laundry Service

Holiday in stylishness in Crispy & Sparkling clothes by patronizing the paid laundry service of Hype Beach Resort. Wash clothes while at home and not while holidaying in Goa. On demand laundry service is offered for personal daily wear clothes. Laundry service charges are extra and as per services consumed.

Free Wi-Fi on Mandrem beach

On a holiday to Goa, who does not want to show off all of your latest activities on the beach? Shoot and share your Goa pictures at Hype beach resort and Mandrem beach pics to friends and family as you can comfortably carry all of your modern gadgets, such as smart phone, tablet, and laptopto Hype Beach Resort. Hype provides Free Internet Wi-Fi to all of its guests within the Hype rooms and Hype Café and all around the beach property of Hype Beach Resort, Mandrem beach.

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