MAMAK – The Beach of Mandrem is interesting right in the middle of the 05 extreme northernmost beaches of Pernem district of North Goa. MAMAK stands for Morjim beach, Ashwem beach, Mandrem beach, Arambol beach and Keri beach. Mandrem beach is beautifully sandwiched right in the middle or center of all the Pernem beaches. Stay at Mandrem beach in Hype Beach Resort and you can easily discover mostly on foot the neighbouring beaches of Morjim, Ashwem on the left and Arambol and Keri on the right.

For Beach lovers, Mandrem beach is Wish come true. Unending expanses of clear sandy beach for one to walk jog or even run. Jogging on Mandrem beach towards the north side from Hype Beach Resort will take you Arambol beach – the heaven of backpackers and budgeted tourists. Want to watch nature’s miracle Olive Ridley Turtles hatching their young ones in Goa then head southwards from Hype beach resort towards Morjim beach on your left.

If you are staying at Hype beach resort, then there is no need to take a bike or catch a taxi to reach to your beach. Mandrem beach is just a few steps outside your rooms in Hype beach resort right in the middle of Mandrem beach. Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate at our multiple choices of accommodations at Hype beach Resort and satisfy your palate at Freedom Café Beach Shack & Restaurant. Hype Beach Resort Cottages are located on the seashore of Mandrem beach and touching to the green and meandering Mandrem River / Rivulet just a few feet away.

The Wooden Bridges of Mandrem beach: Your connection to Restaurant and Rooms on the other side of Mandrem beach.

The attractiveness of Mandrem Beach is particularly during the High Tide time when the salty sea water gushes into the Rivulet of Mandrem. This Mandrem creek or Sweet River water moves parallel to the waves and is usually neck-deep at high tide. This has led to the construction of the dozens of romantic wooden foot bridge which are makeshift bamboo bridges that springs all over the Mandrem Creek and permits tourists to set their feet on the spectacular silvery sands of Mandrem Beach.

Life at the Mandrem beach: It’s just not tourists but birds and animals too that visit Mandrem beach.

Among the beach birdlife of Mandrem one can see white-bellied fish eagles that live in the casuarinas trees at the Goa Mandrem beach. Many a times even the world famous Olive Ridley marine turtles bless the beach of Mandrem by their newly born hatching’s presence. Mandrem beach is also famous for its outstandingColor full sunsets. Hype Beach Resort in Goa has their very own beach shack facing the horizon of Mandrem beach. So you can wine and dine with your feet buried in the Mandrem beach sand which is part of Freedom Shack at Mandrem, wet your lips with ice-cold Kingfisher Premium beer and immerse your eyes on glorious sunsets as they bid goodbye to another wonderful Hype holiday in Goa.

Here is what Lonely Planet the most respected Travelogue Company has to say about Mandrem Beach:

Mandrem is, for many, the best-kept secret on the north Goan coast, as laid back and languid a destination as you could possibly hope for. Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are the orders of the day, and you’ll find ever-changing options for spiritually slanted exercise and enlightenment along its sands. Head here for a day or two of beach-bound bliss, and you might find it hard to tear yourself away. Most accommodation, dining and alternative therapy options are ranged along the narrow beach-access road, or on the sparkling sands themselves.



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