Wooden Master Bed

Every beach room, beach cottage and beach apartment have comfortable King size wooden beds. The beauty of Hype Beach Resort beds are that their base is concrete, the bed is wooden and the mattresses are of comfortable foam.


Mosquito Nets

Every bed room in Hype Beach Resort comes equipped and fitted with white Nylon Mosquito nets which are full size and fit perfectly well for all Master beds. So at Hype beach resort it is Guests in the room and Mosquitoes out.



Hanging Cane Chairs

Most of the beach apartments of Hype beach resort come equipped with a single hanging cane chair to the ceiling of the balcony. So while swinging yourself to a sweet sleep, you can watch the meandering Mandrem river passing by your room as it becomes a tiny rivulet touching the beach of Morjim.


Hype Yoga Hall

Within the gated accommodation of Hype beach resort, guests get to use the well shaded and high roofed hall for practising different types of Yoga. The hall also can be used for multipurpose activities such as Satsang’s, Meditation, Prayer hall, Workshops, place or retreat, Meeting place, Shiatsu, etc.


Hype Club & Discotheque area

Hype beach resort within its beach accommodation project at Mandrem – Arambol beach has around 300 Square meters of prime built up space sufficient to undertake Birthday parties, Kitty parties, Wedding Anniversaries, Buffet Services, Corporate events, Jam sessions, Dance floor, Clubbing area and Nightclub activities.


Mini Landscaped Garden area

Hype beach resort has its very own green landscaped area which has multiple red stone garden seating arrangement which works out perfectly as cool chill out area in the open air environment of Palm trees.


24 Hrs. Hot & Cold Running Water

The Hype beach resort is blessed by bountiful supply of water. All of the beach rooms, beach cottages and beach apartments at Hype beach resort have regular supply of hot and cold water on tap.


Attached Bath & Western Commodes

All of the Hype beach resort rooms come with attached bath facilities like Wash basin, Shower, Hot & Cold water & Western Commodes.



In-House Beach Shack & Café

For over 3 years now, the “Old Freedom Café” has been attracting a huge diverse crowd to dive into its culinary delights. The Old Freedom Café is situated at a stone’s throw walking distance from Hype Beach Resort. The Old Freedom Café serves A Multi Cuisine Menu that many beach lovers and seafood lovers will delight their heart over.

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