photoArambol Sweet Water Lake

The Sweet water lake is situated on the smaller beach of Arambol or the second beach also locally called as “Vagkolam” or Sweet water lake beach. Once at the extreme end of main Arambol beach then one has tohike on one’s fee walking over little rugged territory and rocks to reach the other side of the Arambol hill to reach the Arambol Sweet water photolake.

Liquid Sky Night Club : Arambol City Resort, Liquid Sky, Chapora River, Goa 403509, India

An in-house event planned by Axalis Solar, the group's creator, Liquid Sky is your best bet if you want to see all the gifted and famous DJs in Goa on a single stage. It is a bonus for music and dance lovers as they can tune in to their much-loved music which ranges from trance to techno, electro and minimal. Attention music lovers! Don't miss the Liquid Sky event where all your favourite DJs come together for rocking photoperformances.

Arambol Paragliding

Arambol hills are the only place in North Goa where the adventurous sport of Paragliding is done in full of Goa. The take-off area for the paragliding is done on the plateau of Arambol hill. Paragliding are done on two types of gliders one without the aid of powered rotating motor behind and the other with it. Over the Arambol plateau there is plenty of flat area on the top to jump over the vertical cliff. Contact for Paragliding in Arambol photoat  +919922959118

Nana Ki Paris: Ashvem Beach (Next to La Plage Restaurant), Mandrem, Goa 403527.

Adjacent to the Amarya Nespresso Bar, this one is a niche Indo-French designer boutique run by designer Danielle and her daughter, Chloe Le Bonnois. You'll find beautifully cut designer wear here, with a touch of Indian embroidery, ideal to wear in Goa, particularly since they're made of organic and natural fibres keeping the climate in mind. Apart from apparel for women, they offer some amazing stuff for home interiors like Rajasthani quilts, bean bags and other home accessories. They also offer some designer beachwear like bikinis and thongs, which are photodirectly bought from Brazil.

Incredible Arambol Beach

Arambol beach is for the exploratory travellers who like to get away from the annoying masses of tourists that are to be found on most beaches of Goa. Arambol is another attractive & appealing beach of North Goa that lures its visitors to notice its natural surroundings. Arambol has a little of everything. Hillock close by, meaning Arambol River, Sweet water lake and last but not the least two beaches of Arambol, one big and the other smaller one attached to the sweet waterphoto lake.

Yoga Hall at Hype Beach Resort

There exists a Mini shaded area within the premises of Hype Beach Resort which has been designated for the practice and promotion of all types of Yoga activities. Currently we have EvgeniaMaltseva organizing individual and group classes for learning Hatha Yoga. The Yoga Hall at Hype Beach Resort at Arambol beach can be used for many multipurpose uses such as  Belly dance, Bodywork, Shiatsu, Yoga Classes, Bodywork, Tattooing, Meditation, Workshops, Satsang's, Chanting, Singing and Meeting place.Guests interested in know more about Hatha Yoga in Goa and Hatha Yoga classes at Mandrem and Arambol beach can contact Evgeniya on + 91 9145070857 or Email her at or you can visit her Facebook pageat

photoBoard Surfing at Arambol beach near Hype Beach Resort

Guests staying at Hype Beach Resort have the additionaladvantage of taking specialized trainings on Board Surfing on the Arabian Sea in North Goa. At a short walking distance towards Arambol beach is located Surf Club a Surfing Institute having all the Boarding gear, apparatus and skill to guarantee that all you have to photodo, is get here at Arambol beach and get surfing.For more details please

Dolphin Sighting at Arambol beach

Dolphin sighting trips are regularly organized by Hype Beach Resort for its valuedlodgers. This boating trip is prearranged only on good response or group request. Dolphins in Goa can be seen only early in the morning before high sun rise. Dolphin trips are planned mostly in suitably huge boats power-driven with an external motor. Dolphins being the most friend mammal of the sea world generate a lot of joyfulness to its onlookers.

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