Beach Resort providing 3 types of Beach Accommodation: Hype Beach Resort

Hype Beach resort is one of the few beach accommodations on the stretch of Mandrem & Ashwem beach that provides multiple choice of accommodations to tourists who would love to live bang on the beaches of Goa. Hype at Mandrem beach has on offer around 12 Deluxe Beach Apartments with a choice of River view or Beach view facility. Hype also has over 09 Beach Huts & Cottages which are situated bang on the sand dunes of Mandrem – Arambol beach. For the budgeted tourists Hype also has around 07 Basic beach rooms that offer comfortable bedrooms and clean bathrooms.

How the name Hype came into existence as a beach accommodation?

The Goan Entrepreneur Mr. Bernard Fernandes has been running the beach accommodation for the past 3 years under the banner of his Beach Shack name that is “Old Freedom Café”. These were earlier called as Freedom Rooms. Over the years the place, the café, the beach accommodation became popular and got hyped as the most chill out beach accommodation of Mandrem beach. The Old Freedom Café was the liveliest place for parties and disco events that the overflowing crowd generated lots of business and hype for the beach rooms. Hence with the passage of 3 successful years of advertising and marketing the place as the coolest staying and partying destination on the Mandrem – Arambol beach stretch, the name of Hype got stuck with the place. Now this coolest beach accommodation has been rechristened with a new name that is Hype Beach Resort.

Beach Rooms at its best: Hype beach accommodation having rooms, cottages, huts & apartments.

The Hype Beach Resort is situated perfectly besides the meandering Mandrem River and the Mandrem Beach and Arabian Sea on the other side. The Hype Beach & River rooms are sandwiched neatly between the sweet water river on one side and the Saline salty Sea water on the other side. So some of Hype Rooms have magnificent River view rooms and some rooms are facing towards the Ocean and Mandrem beach.


Latest Attractions being added to Hype Beach Resort are:

Hype Club

The entire built up area of around 300 Square meters in the two storey new white building with the Hype Beach Resort has been designated and devoted for the creation of the Music and Entertainment Hub called as “Hype” Club. The owner & proprietor of Hype Beach Resort is interested in providing this excellent space for events and parties to be organized on a regular basis. Interested persons & parties with a background in the music, entertainment or events industry are welcome to contact Mr. Bernard Fernandes on 09822588689 0r 08007575853 to fix an appointment to have a first-hand look at the property of Hype Club that is available for long lease. The primary business interest of the interested party should be only to run the designated ground floor area in the 2 storey beach structure only for the purposes of running and managing a Night Club or Discotheque or Entertainment event center. The built up structure of Hype Club is on the Ground floor with front, back and side access and is situated a few walking steps away from Mandrem beach at Pernem in North Goa.

Hype Yoga

Regular drop in Yoga classes and Yoga courses are organized by the Certified Yoga Teacher Miss Evgeniya Maltseva. This Russian Yoga teacher provides both individual Yoga classes as well as Group instruction in the field of Hatha Yoga. Besides her main interest Hatha Yoga, she also practices and promotes Meditation and teaches individuals on the principles, techniques and benefits of peaceful meditation. Also she engages students who are interested in learning more about Yoga Nidra. Yoga Teacher Evgeniya organises her classes in the Yoga Hall of Hype Beach Resort. Guests interested in know more about Hatha Yoga in Goa and Hatha Yoga classes at Mandrem and Arambol beach can contact Evgeniya on + 91 9145070857 or Email her at evgenia_ml@bk.ru or you can visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/evgenia.maltseva.1

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