Genuine Beach Accommodations bang on Mandrem beach : Hype Beach Resort, Mandrem, Pernem, North Goa, India.

Goa is the Mecca of beautiful beaches in South India. More than 72 plus beaches of Goa are waiting to be discovered and none the less explored too. If you like beaches and desire & dream of living on a Goan beach, then your dream hascome true. Hype Beach Resort at Mandrem beach offers 12 Apartments / Rooms that are Plush to satisfy the comfort needs of any avid tourist or traveller offering both River view and Beach view at the same time. Also on offer are 07 Mid-size Beach rooms for the Budget conscious. Also for the Adventure seekers and Bag packers Hype beach resort has on offer 07 Holiday huts / Beach cottages with all the modern amenities to make your holiday in Goa more comfortable.Three different types of Beach Accommodations are available for customers to book at Hype Beach Resort at Mandrem beach as per their tastes, budget and preference.Hype Beach Huts & Cottages for those who prefer to live in the humble huts & Bamboo cottages, yet modern and moderate in its amenities. Hype Beach Rooms for those travellers who want a simple room with minimum facilities but bang on the beach. Hype Beach Apartments for those tourists who demand the best accommodations on the beach with all of the modern apartment amenities.

Besides a Goan Rivulet, Opposite the Arabian Sea : Hype Beach Resort at Mandrem beach.

For tourists who love to have the best of both the worlds, there is nothing better than Hype Beach Resort in North Goa that is beautifully sandwiched between the meandering rivulet which is the backwaters of Morjim & Mandrem and the majestic Arabian Sea right in front of your beach rooms. The Hype beach resort is smartly positioned on the banks of a calm river and bang on Mandrem beach. The Beach property of Hype at Mandrem is situated between the River and the Sea, So one can enter or exit from your holiday huts & rooms either from the River side or right on from the Mandrem beach side.



River & Sea View Apartments on Mandrem beach : Hype Beach Resort Apartments.

Hype beach resort of Mandrem offers three modern holiday home apartments made available in a striking yellow Color structure that blends naturally with the green surroundings of dense palm trees all around. Tourists have a choice of Ground floor, First Floor and Second Floor Holiday apartments. All of the 03 Mandrem holiday homes have unobstructed magnificent views of the Calm & Composed Backwater river of Mandrem and at eye shot distance the majestic Mandrem beach. Once in your Hype Beach Resort room, the river views are on your left side and the Ocean view of Mandrem beach is on the right side. Hype beach resort offers you the best of the both. Also Hype beach resort has Deluxe Villa Rooms by the name of Pelegren Villas in a beautiful white washed structure.


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